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VIG Gate Hours Extended – Effective Monday, April 15, 2024

UPDATE April 15, 2024

Effective Monday, April 15, 2024, Virginia International Gateway (VIG) will extend early morning gate hours.  Operational hours at all other terminals and support facilities will remain unchanged.

  • VIG will open at 0300 hours, with an inbound portal closure of 1800 hours
    • PRO-PASS mandatory reservation hours will be in effect from 0300-1600 hours
    • Reefer pick-up and drops to commence at 0600 hours
    • Final reefer pick-up at 1730
    • Saturday gate hours for VIG will remain as recently announced, with gates opening at 0800 and an inbound portal closure of 1600 hours. Important details can be found here: VIG Saturday Gate Hours
  • The Portsmouth Chassis Yard (PCY) will open at 0300 hours, with last trucks in /  last units handled at 1830
  • The Pinner’s Point Container Yard (PPCY) and the Reefer Service Area (RSA) will open at 0500 hours, with last trucks in / last units handled at 1830.
    • All empty returns will be designated by the Empty Return Matrix
  • Norfolk International Terminal (NIT) gate hours will remain unchanged, with gates opening at 0600 hours and an inbound portal closure of 1700 hours
  • Empty returns during the 0300-0500 will be allowed at VIG with the following stipulations:
    • The following lines are restricted from returning to VIG during the 0300-0500 gate hours:
      • ​​​​​​​ACL
      • ARKAAS
      • Ellerman Lines
      • Hyundai
      • Hapag-Lloyd
      • ONE
      • SeaLead
      • Transfar
      • TS Lines
      • Turkon
      • Wan Hai
      • Yang Ming
    • Starting at 0500, the Empty Return Matrix will govern empty returns.

If you have any questions, please contact the Port of Virginia’s Customer Service team here: Port of Virginia Customer Service