API Subscriptions

For supply chain management, we offer a choice between web-based Application Programming Interface (API), or traditional EDI, platforms that you can use to integrate data and events into supply chain visibility and Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

Getting Started

The primary way to subscribe to events is via API, which requires users to write software that will programmatically retrieve data. Users who use subscription APIs will receive data through callback URLs.

To subscribe, you will first need to Request an API Key

Once you have received your API Key, you will gain access to a ‘sandbox’ environment to test your code. You will also be given an API Key to use for access to production.

For more information on using our API services, visit our Data Services site.

Available API Endpoints

Import Availability

  • Container Details (ISO, Hazardous, Reefer, etc.)
  • Container Location (Terminal, Yard Position)
  • Availability
  • Hold Details
  • Free Time Expiration
  • Weight
  • Out Time and Empty Return Time



  • ISOs and Quantities
  • Vessel Details
  • Early Receive Date
  • Vessel Arrive and Departure Times
  • In-Gated Containers


Container Events

  • Truck Events
  • Vessel Events
  • Rail Events
  • Holds and Availability
  • Yard Position


Vessel Schedule

  • ETA and ATA
  • Phase
  • Early Receive Date
  • Line, Vessel Name, Voyages
  • Departure Time


Available Container-Event API

Truck Events

  • Unit Gate In Estimated (Appointment)
  • Unit Gate Out Estimated (Appointment)
  • Unit Gate In Actual
  • Unit Gate Out Actual
  • Unit Truck Discharge Actual
  • Unit Truck Load Actual


Vessel / Barge Events

  • Unit Vessel Arrival Estimated
  • Unit Vessel Arrival Actual
  • Unit Vessel Phase Update
  • Unit Vessel Discharge Actual
  • Unit Vessel Load Actual
  • Unit Shift Cell
  • Unit Vessel Departure Estimated
  • Unit Vessel Departure Actual


Rail Events

  • Unit Rail In Actual
  • Unit Rail Out Actual
  • Unit Rail Discharge Actual
  • Unit Rail Load Actual


Yard Events

  • Unit Shift Pier
  • Unit Available
  • Unit Unavailable
  • Unit Customs Exam Required
  • Unit Customs Exam Completed
  • Unit Customs Release


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