Virginia Port Authority Police Department

On behalf of our professional and dedicated sworn and civilian men and women, the Virginia Port Authority Police Department welcomes you! It is my extreme pleasure to serve as the ambassador for law enforcement and security in providing for the protection of America’s finest port – The Port of Virginia. Every member of our team is highly trained, dedicated, and committed to supporting and balancing our missions of safety and security for our port partners and employees. The Port of Virginia takes great pride in sustaining low crime rates, reflected by the diligence of our security team. Much of our success is reciprocated in our internal and external partnerships with business, local community, labor and the intermodal shareholders.

Our cultivated and ongoing relationships with port partners ensure our mission is continuously and successfully executed. We enjoy an omniscient relationship with our private, local, state and federal partners, which enhance our ability to protect the lawful flow of commerce to Virginia. This cooperative and innovative philosophy will continue to support The Port of Virginia as the most viable option for global trade. Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about us. I hope the information is pertinent and useful. As one member of a very proud team, we welcome you to The Port of Virginia.

Mona McLaurin
Chief of Police