Health & Safety

It is the Port of Virginia’s objective that people who work in our terminals and facilities will not be injured at work.  The safety of our activities will be referenced as a pre-condition, without exception.

POV front line leaders are expected to be in the field on a regular basis and to carry a message of concern for the well-being of employees.  These same leaders are expected to take action when we detect any uncontrolled risk in our work environment that could lead to injury.  We will fix it promptly…and those on the terminals who are accomplishing the work every day will be challenged as safety champions and asked to report to the CEO/COO via the Health and Safety team regarding reported safety issues that are not being addressed in a timely manner.

We will emphasize a climate in which every employee is treated with dignity and respect, every day, in everything that we do…regardless of rank or position.  Employees will be provided with the necessary training to promote safe and productive job performance as well as organizational recognition to enable a contribution that gives additional meaning to our lives in the honorable mission of bringing commerce to Virginia.

Health & Safety Team Contact Information

Carter Mize
Director, Health & Safety
Phone: 757-404-0193

Chris Green
Manager, Health & Safety
Phone: 757-413-5681

Andy Copley
Assistant Manager, Health & Safety
Phone: 757-650-0901

Riley Manthey
Assistant Manager, Health & Safety
Phone: 757-403-9730

Coordinator, Health & Safety
Email: TBD
Phone: 757-TBD

Please Report Mishaps, Near-miss Events, and Hazards 24/7

(757) 440-7070